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Today’s SOD – 2018-06-14
SCRIPTURE”: And he said,”Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. Genesis 32″:26
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: What you do not confront,”you do not conquer; you do not watch what you do not want.
It has been established that negative patterns and habits limit one’s life and destiny. It is also important to know that these patterns can be dealt with by identifying and making a decision to confront them.
Now, another key to dealing with these negative recurring cycles is to actually confront them. To confront a thing is to challenge it face to face; it is to engage it in a battle or to fight it out.
Why is it important to confront negative patterns or habits? What you do not confront, you do not conquer; you do not watch what you do not want; what you do not resist would persist; what you do not move against, would not move away. You must move against a negative tendency or habit in order to move it away.
When Israel was confronted by the Red Sea, God told them to go forward (Exodus 14″:15); they confronted the Red Sea in order to conquer it. As the children of Israel moved,”the Red Sea moved away. So, what you do not move against, would never move away and what you do not go against, would not go away. To move it away, you must move against it.
Now, how do you confront a negative tendency or habit? You confront it with quality vision and mentality, the mentality of refusing to live a life of failure, defeat, shame and reproach. You also fight a negative tendency or habit with light from God’s Word; fight it also with praise. The wall of Jericho collapsed by praise (Joshua 6″:20); the prison door opened for Paul and Silas through praise (Acts 16:25).
Beloved,”when you are ready to fight, God is ready to supply the strength.
Remember this”: What you do not confront,”you do not conquer; what you do not want, you do not watch.
1. Confront every negative pattern/habit in your life and family
2. Deploy the weapon of praise and revelation from God’s Word at the place of prayer.
PRAYER: O Lord,”I receive Your Strength to confront every negative tendency and habit in my life. I receive the impartation of the fighter’s spirit, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
DAILY BIBLE READING”: 1 Kings 12:20 to 13:34,”Acts 9″:26 to 43,”Psalm 132″:1 to 18,”Proverbs 17″:6
AMAZING FACT: The only mammals that undergo menopause are elephants,”whales and human females.
TODAY IN HISTORY”: 14/06/1949 – The state of Vietnam was formed
QUOTE: If you do not like the level you are, you do not fly from there, you fight from there. Culled from 30 SECRETS TO THE TOP by Dr Paul Enenche
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